Sparks of 360-degree image
Using new arithmetic in our software to create point clouds. that is the long anticipated advancement for the creation of point clouds in the branch of subsurface glass engraving by means of laser.

Merging art and Hi-technology, 360-degree image can provide an incomparable effect for subsurface crystal engaraving ,so you can make perfect product for which your competitors will envy you very much. The future is subsurface crystal engraving with realistic pictures of 3D motives. and you will be the future.

Sparks of 2D-3D

•  2D-3D & 2D engraved crystal
2D-3D conversion will show you a 3D portrait crystal of complete 180 degrees out of a 2D effect.
•  2D-3D & On-site capturing
2D-3D breaks out of various limits of on site capturing with 3D camera and pose limit. No matter when and where you take the picture, you can have the picture converted to 3D provided that it is an appropriate one. With more personalized elements, PCL (PointCloudLib) will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Features of our 2D-3D solution :

• High quality: minute visual details can be converted lively ;
• Cost-effective: Half cost compared with the prevailing price
• Diverse applications: Our 2D-3D solution is widely used in various businesses, including photographic studio, crystal/gift business, laser processing, 3D molding, web sales, capital investors, etc.
• Highly customizable: Our 2D-3D solution is highly customizable to meet the demands of various market segments. No matter you need a 2D-3D model or a finished crystal; No matter you are wholesaler or retailer, you will find out a solution for you.